Opening event of the exhibition Athena Nike: the Victory of the Goddess

by admin fsg

History, art, myth and charm are brought together and presented in one night. At via del Tritone 132, the Athena Nike is recreated with its spread wings and the laurel crown held in its left hand: a reward to the winner of an important battle. Behind the statue, a blue sky appears as it is crossed by fast white clouds, and the Parthenon, which takes the audience back to the age of Pericles; democracy. The illusion is perfect, as well as the journey through time involving the guests of the vernissage, who came to visit the precious archaeological finding belonging to Fondazione Sorgente Group. This was possible thanks to the 3D reconstruction which has both amazed and entertained viewers by restoring the Athena Nike to its original appearance and perfection, an icon of the Classic culture, which to this day continues to convey its message of peace and wisdom. To celebrate the bringing back to life of this ancient Greek masterpiece, just presented in the heart of Rome, the Tritone Exhibition Space has opened its treasure chest and offered an elegant cocktail reception, welcoming art connoisseurs and friends of the Fondazione in its Art Nouveau building at via del Tritone 132, headquarters of Sorgente Group. Businessmen, collectors, intellectuals and jet-set members have accepted Valter and Paola Mainetti’s invitation, President and Vice President of Fondazione Sorgente Group respectively.

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