Fondazione Sorgente Group – La collezione

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Fondazione Sorgente Group has created this general catalogue to present its own collections of archaeology and old masters paintings. The first part is dedicated to antiques and following a chronological sequence, it shows the collection from the archaic idols, Greek sculptures from 5th to 4th cent. BC, the noble portraits from Julio-Claudian dynasty (Marcellus, Gaius and Lucius Caesars, Germanicus) and then, sculptures representing togated personalities and divinities from ancient Roman tradition, from the 2nd century AD, offering a wide range of the ancient artistic production.
The Old Masters collection is composed by paintings starting from 15th cent., with a painting by Pinturicchio; followed by a rich baroque section with masterpiece by Guercino and Guido Reni, to the 18th century, with samples from Roman school of “Vedutismo”, with an important Panini and a superb Locatelli, certifying the effective high level of this genre, an important witness of the urbanistic changes of Rome, through the centuries. At the end, few modern paintings, as “Horse and coach” by Boldini, indicates the consideration shown by Fondazione for more recent works.