Male Portrait

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Male Portrait
White marble
End 1st BC and 1st century AD

Head of a man of a mature age, showing a light lime- stone patina on the surface, part of the nose is missing, and some minor fractures are also visible. The somatic features are quite marked with deep carvings, for a stronger expressiveness. The peculiar hairstyle is an important feature, with dense and wavy locks, inflated with plastic volume, hanging down the forehead, creating a fringe with distinctive sickle-shaped locks, with minor lighter carvings. The hairstyle movement is also quite characteristic: the mane is spreading rich and thick from the central part of the head to both temples and the ears. The tension of the facial muscles is quite evident, particularly by the wrinkles on the forehead and above the nose, as well as by the two large ones, around the mouth. These elements are quite common among the male portraits from 1st century BC to the 1st century AD.