Presentation of the book The Smile of Dionysus

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PRESENTATION of the book The Smile of Dionysus, edited by Eugenio La Rocca
Paul Zanker and Alessandro Schiesaro present, on November 30th 2010, in the beautiful environment of the Ara Pacis Auditorium at 5.30 pm, the book The Smile of Dionysus, edited by Prof. Eugenio La Rocca and promoted by Fondazione Sorgente Group.

Presenting this book, the Fondazione shows focus: to promote the artworks belonging to its own collection, involving important personalities from scientific and academic world. The smile slightly gloomy of the statue of Dionysus (half II AD) and the high expressive grin of the Papposilenus bronze mask, unicum on the greek-roman artistic production; of the first half of I b.C. are described and analyzed on this recent scientific publication. The archaeological works, already exhibited; the Roman National Museum; Palazzo Altemps (15 April – 18 July 2010) are in-depth studied and presented during the event, to improve; their knowledge.

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